Cold War Propaganda and Comics

Above is a political pamphlet published in 1947 by the Catechetical Guild Education Society of St. Paul, Minnesota. At just ten cents a copy, this pamphlet features a full-color comic and advice on how to “fight communism with ten commandments of citizenship.”  Approximately four million copies were printed and distributed to church groups throughout the country (

I cannot help but wonder how this political pamphlet would be perceived today.  I remember having a discussion in one of my classes last year about how many Americans are desensitized to the media.  It takes a lot to convince us, and sometimes, we do not take threats seriously, until it actually happens.

The period from 1947-1953 marks the beginning of the Cold War–from the Truman Doctrine to the Korean War.  I find this pamphlet interesting because it appealed to a niche market — churchgoers.  The pamphlet, like many YouTube videos and online forums went viral, in a sense, and created a stir among Americans nationwide.

3 responses to “Cold War Propaganda and Comics

  1. Hi Arielle,

    I am always fascinated by your posts, especially the ones about historical propaganda. I will be telling my followers on FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter (on which I am just getting started and learning how to use) to check your blog.

    My best for a great Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for all your kind words and support. I’m so glad you enjoy reading about historical propaganda throughout history. I have included your blog on my blogroll, and I am definitely going to share your posts on my sites as well. They are all so great, and I look forward to reading your newest blog entries. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

      All the best,


  2. Hey, i found this so helpful for my essay!! Credited you in my bibliography, thanks! x

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