So I had this idea…

And it began with a tweet.

One of the first tweets I ever read was about the ten best political campaign advertisements.

I scrolled through these ads, and realized that there is a lot to be said about the evolution of political communication.

So, I decided to blog–not as an expert, but as someone who has opinions about the intersection of PR, advertising, marketing and politics.

We have entered a new era.  No longer are we dependent on traditional media sources such as the newspaper, television or radio.  We’ve become a social generation, which means the best political PR campaigns are ones that are social in nature–that invite conversation–that get people thinking.

Now, a little bit about myself…

I’m Arielle Herskovits.

I’m a senior at Boston University with a major in Public Relations and a liberal arts concentration in History.

I feel lucky to have had so many valuable opportunities that shaped my opinions about PR and politics.

Throughout my college career, I’ve held internship positions on Capitol Hill, at a large strategic communications firm and at a local nonprofit organization.

I’ve also done a bit of traveling.  My favorite city is Prague and I hope to someday visit Bali.

Although each experience was different, they all taught me the importance of communication and persuasion.